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FlorAyer Night Cream

Rich, natural, fresh night cream with protective plant extracts

50 ml 42,50 €
FlorAyer Day Cream

Natural, fresh day cream with protective plant extracts

50 ml 38,00 €
FlorAyer Cleansing Water

Purifying throught natural protective plants extracts

175 ml 28,00 €
FlorAyer Renewing Mask

Face mask with detoxifying kaolin

50 ml 37,50 €
Spéciale Night Cream

Super-soft care of sensitive skin during the night

50 ml 51,00 €
Spéciale Day Cream

Gentle skin care cream for the day

50 ml 47,00 €
Spéciale Cleansing Milk

Creamy milk for a gently thorough cleansing

200 ml 20,90 €
Spéciale Facial Lotion

After cleaning soft lotion

200 ml 20,90 €
Produits Spécifiques Triple Effect Mask

Triple-acting creamy aromatic energy mask

50 ml 49,50 €
Produits Spécifiques Intensiv Revitalizer LTC-LC

Intensive revitalizing hydrating anti-age gel without perfume

30 ml 39,90 €
Produits Spécifiques Extreme Skin Pleasure

Skin-renewing emulsion

30 ml 60,00 €
Produits spécifiques UV Protection Balm Eyes and Lips SUPERIOR

Luxury moisturizing stick for the lips and the eyes area

4 ml Free
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